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Report From the 2018 Convention in Yokohama

I have been inspired by the women and men who spoke across the days of the convention and would only do them an injustice to try and replicate what they had to say here.  In the convention book you can read the background of each of the keynote speakers but even this does not portray their passion and enthusiasm for the work they do.  Especially, I would like to mention two of the young women who spoke:
Camille Bilger, 2015 Amelia Earhart Fellow, who is working now on research focusing on the optimisation of fuel injection for liquid-propelled engines with a view to reducing the negative impact on the environment.
Anna Rukko, 2015 Young Women in Public Affairs Award Recipient, who, while being treated as a cancer patient was driven to raise money to enable new and updated facilities to be built in Helsinki. These two young women were a joy to listen to and certainly gave us all food for thought.

The hospitality of the French clubs, meeting new friends and catching up with people I had met on previous conferences and conventions was also a highlight for me.  In cafes and restaurants Zontians who did not know one another shared tables and practiced charades in order to be understood.

I was delighted and honoured to receive the Membership award on behalf of the Zonta Club of Kyneton, be present at the touching Memorial Service and to witness the Parade of Flags.

Margaret Lynch

Click on the document below to read the full report and see photos from convention:

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